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i'm the dog
the dog that fucks
i cum so hard
that i throw up

i shit my pants
i jack off too
i jack off when
i think of you


im the dog
the dog that's hard
i explode my balls
cum till i see stars

i blow my load
fucked out my chode
fuck so good
momma sold her soul

my body's broken
my body's dead
my heart's on fire
i broke the bed
i shit my pants
i bleed my brain
aim for the head
head for the aim


i'm the renegade dog with the twelve inch dick
prostitutes pay me for a little sniff
never paid a dollar nor a single dime
for a fuckin' or a suckin' having a good time

I'm the piss dog I am the golden calf
I piss my fucking pants on purpose
in the old folks home
I pissed so much it's on the floor
you laugh with your friends at me
but look at how hard i am
the joke's on you!
this one's for free!

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