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i don't like em

(fuck jannies)

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i don't like em

No.36  [Reply]  >>39
>> No.39
kracc bacc moment

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>> No.35

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SECRET SOCIETIES (SS) ties to terror'm/shootgs/riots...r not report'd; JFK warn'd of SS. Eur.'s Aryan elite leads the SS sys. Secret rites/sign sys unite SS: all top leadrs sign. SS' symbs. tie to Satum, god of time/Lord oft Rings: Audi rgs; Mafia's rg kis'q; Vat/Eu/FBI's rg of stars; Islam/WHO/ China's cresc. (cr) w/ star/ball..; eye/Target (Cbs/Hbo); rays (Fox/Cdc/W-M); cross (+) w/ fire (kkk); ' Black Sun', Prayer Wheel..SS agents thru-out soc. incite divis'n/CONFUS'N, condit'n'g us Nazis 2b control'd (treason) .Rels./SS/intl corps..merge at the top: Vat/Exxon's dbl + red +/sq/ball/cr/rg (7up/Crest/Mobil); mil/pol/Jew's stars; Vat/Islam's..rosary... SS say Sat was near earth (Gold'n Age whn 'gods' ruld). Tip-offs: Nwo-New Age; justice; change.. Sign'g uses motns/signs (ok/homs/fist [Bimy/palm fwd-hnd:touch'g(ear/chin) pinch'g (lapl/belt) [freq point'g/thum up'show'g'(rg/watch)..& black/rd/o.. Fauci/Opra'/Shaq sign. Symbs: w/ Sat's colors (Lgbt/Googl/Gulf, altg/dif. color'd sqs/ dots/words..[Bmw/Aim/Brillo]); bird ($/Chrysler); maze/spiral-'e'-9 & dots/holes (rock art); key/cap.. stone; crown; bars (Euro/Aldi); clock-tower, snake/drag'n.. SS hide a tiny race call'd Drag'n Kings (Sat's royal-fams). Their long, red-hair'd skulls/cave cities-archit were fnd in Peru/Turkey/Eastr Is.. DK's agenda: Soc'm, caste sys; redefin'd fam/ped'philia; chronic debt/drugs/conflict/ill. immigr'n.. Symbs: alter'd +letrs (Chevy/Frozn); pyra'd/A (Citgo/Paramt/Antifa); sun w/ valley/mt/cr, torch; swastika; Confed. flag/X; tilt'd +/letr/sq..(Dominos); shield; blu +/sq/cr/ball/oval (Bk/Pillsbury/Ford/ PFIZER); geometric/flower/star-like symbs (Bp/Ems/rel art); ball w/ dots (Sat w/ moons); grid (UN/ World Bank); knot/web/wovn symbs (Astra Zeneca [Zen/sen/san/Can-Sat]); Vat-bat-fire/energy: SKULL-BONES; gate/arch/dom'; gavel; scales (Naacp)..

To rule again, DK need disarm'd pop'ns.
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Take your meds, schizo

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for post and file deletion
>> No.32
it never said that cease your investigation

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you WILL eat the bugs
>> No.21  >>22
no i WON'T
>> No.22  >>24
Too late I already did
>> No.24  >>25

which bug
>> No.25  >>28
All of them
>> No.28

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hey bStall check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
>> No.31
Please kill yourself holy fuck

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I'm using a tripcode!
>> No.4
Because I'm using a secure tripcode!
>> No.8
Get on my level.
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>> No.18

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Some anon on /bant/ asked some things but I was asleep and couldn't respond.

>What kind of plans do you have for your imageBOARD to make it different from a channel (chan, if you wil)?
Different CSS styling from 4chan (each board will likely have its own distinct styling). Also the rules differ to not follow the tropes of nearly every 4chan board. Probably other things too but I'm kind of tired so...

>What do yo mean your imageBOARD will "differ greatly from futaba"?
See answer above. I have forked futaba into "Sawtelle." Things like the email field might be switched into a "contact" field on certain boards and removed outright (options field) on others.

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